Newtons Law Of Motion Flyer

By Ashlynn Aranda

Newtons 1st law

Newtons 1st law is an object that stays at rest and an object that stays at motion unless there is an acted of a unbalanced force.

Newtons first law means that when you have and object and its at rest the that object will stay at rest, but if its at motion then it will stay at motion, but if there is an acted of a unbalanced force then it wont stay at rest or in motion.

inertia means an objects tendency to resist change in motion .

If i am on my hoverboard then i'm at rest my when I'm not moving. if i get on my hoverboard and move my legs or body, that's an unbalanced force, then my hoverboard will start to move.

Newtons 2nd Law

Newtons 2nd law is an force that equals mass times acceleration (f=mxa)

Newtons 2nd law means that if the force is applied and less mass equals the greater acceleration, but more mass equals less acceleration.

The formula for force is F=M x A

Acceleration means the increase in the rate and speed of an object.

The three ways it can accelerate is speed up, slow down and change directions.

If i am on my hoverboard i will have a better acceleration and more force that i applied on the hoverboard, but when my dad is on my hoverboard he will have more mass and less force that is applied on the hoverboard.

Newtons 3rd law

Newtons 3rd law means that is the force that goes the opposite direction and there was a action that is equal to reaction

Newtons 3rd law means that if you applied force then that will go the opposite direction

when i am riding my hoverboard the wheels are touching the ground (reaction) and then when i am on my hoverboard and i move forward the wheels are going to go a opposite direction (action)