Solar System Exploration

By Laura Shelton

Pre :1900

Christian Huygens

About Christiaan Huygens

Christiaan Huygens was born 14 April 1629 and died at the age of 66 on 8 july 1695 .He both was born and died at The Hague,dutch Reblice.


Christiaan Huygens was a Mathemation,Astonomer,Physicist and Ahoroloyist.

Main Discoveries

christiaan dicoverd (with the theory of lightand his brother) that if he polished and grinded his lens of his telescop a different way he could see further in to space .

In 1655 he discoved that sature had a thin flat ring around it .

In 1656 (one year after he discoved saturens ring)Christiann discoved titan saturns larges moon.

Technologie Used

Chritiaan Huygens only used his telescope.

Contributions To Knowledge

Christiaan let us learn more about saturn and thing that are in the world.

Post :1900

NASA Mars Rovers Curiosity and Opportunity

About The Mars Rovers Curiosity and Opportunity

Curiosty nad Opportunity was sent to mars from florder on the 7 july 2003 and got to mars on 24 jan 2004. Curiosty is a probe that was sent to mars.


Curiosity and Opportunity have 4 golas :

1 curosity wishes to find life on Mars.

2 what the climet is like on Mars.

3 what the geologyo mars is like.

4 to praper for humers to live on Mars.

Technologie Used

Curiosity Opportunity uses camres to take pictures, a lazer to get rock samples, bostes ,launch pad ,and much more!


Curiosity and Opportunityhave discoved cope york ,botney bay,many rock samples and pitures of the ground on mars witch lookes magical.

Additional Information

Opportunity has 800 meters to go to finish a 2-kilometer dash from one crater-rim segment, where it worked since the midddle of2011, to another where it will stay during the Martian winter to do further studdes .