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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! I hope that everyone has a restful holiday and enjoys all that it has to offer. Be present in the moment and do not let a "to do list" or stress and anxiety rob your joy or peace!

Many Blessings to you and your family during this holiday season!



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Have you Responded to the Blog?

Thank you to Hemric, Hodges, Hagler and Jackson for responding to the Ghost Walk Blog post! If you haven't done so, please do so!

What was 1 take away that you got from the ghost walk?

Do you think it was helpful?

What is one thing you need to focus more on in your classroom environment?

Planning Reminders

Just a friendly reminder that if you didn't get a chance to complete the following items before winter break, please complete them as soon as possible:

-Update MOY MAP data scores for Reading and Math. Only update dots for Math. We will use reading levels to update dots for Reading. The criteria is on the front table in the planning room. Please put dots even if the color stays the same. We want to see three dots by the end of the year (BOY, MOY, EOY) and this will ensure that students were not overlooked.

-Update RTI groups and collaborate at grade level planning what and how you will teach using common assessments, cycle assessment, weekly checkpoints and the learning continuum in MAP.

-Update instructional assistant groups if applicable

-Create a solid plan for Math Curriculum Night. Make sure to have anchor charts, samples/examples of what you are teaching or what the problems will look like etc. Your team point person will send your plan to L. Wilson.

Close Reading

Thank you for completing the Close Reading survey. Professional development will take place during grade level planning sessions based on your team's needs. Close reading will probably have to take place during Science and Social studies starting in January as TRC and reading benchmark testing will be taking place. We will talk more about this during planning.
How to do a Close Reading of Text

Math Curriculum Night

Math Curriculum Night is January 12, 2016 from 6-7:30. Are you ready?
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Agency and Urgency

Do you have your sign up in your room?

Do you teach with agency and urgency?

If you do, put the sign up somewhere in your room as a friendly reminder that we, at Croft, work as a team to make sure that we believe that all children can and will learn and that we make every second count!

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