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When Saint Tim's Goes MARCHing In

Stations of the Cross

Our 4th graders have been hard at work as usual. With the help of Mrs. Powers, they have created their own Stations of the Cross video that is both innovative and powerful.

It's important for us all to remember that although St. Tim's prides itself on academic excellence, Catholic identity supersedes all other elements of what makes our school great. Without God's graces, St. Tim's would not be as blessed as it is.
Stations of the Cross reflections presented by Mrs. Vanderhoofs 4th grade.

Finance Park

Earlier this month, the 8th graders took a trip to Finance Park in Fairfax, Virginia. The goal of the field trip was to have the students use the skills that they had been learning for the past few months in Mr. Raveia's class, and apply them to this trip as they are released into the "real world" as self-providing adults.

It was certainly an eye-opening experience for them, as it helped them to become aware of the difficulties that most adults face when it comes to budgeting for an entire family. I am sure they have grown to appreciate all that their parents do for them.

Catholic Math League

Our middle school math programs competed in their respective subject's math league this year. It was the school's first time competing, and our teachers and students certainly put their abilities on display. Led by the teaching trio of Mrs. Long, Mrs. Nash, and Mrs. Venafro, St, TImothy School did not disappoint.

There are four tests given throughout the school year, and below are the final results:


3rd place in their division consisting of: VA, MD, WV, SC, NC
25th place overall nationwide

7th Grade

Finished 9th in their division

6th Grade

Of the four tests given, finished 2nd in their division on test #3
Finished 3rd on test #4 in their division

Congratulations to all teachers and students who helped make a name for St. Timothy School!

God's Love During Lent

Mrs. Wright's 1A class has recently sent some of their student work out to be published. The class came up with creative ways that they could show God's love during Lent. Pictured to the left are four of the students showing off their rough drafts.

Way-to-go first grade!
Come back to me!

Night and Day

St. Timothy School has a lot great things happening all around its campus. It is sometimes difficult to keep up with everything. From my previous experiences in other Catholic schools and in public school, it is clear that from our rigorous curriculum, to the dynamic teachers that deliver it, to the administrative team, any comparison to other schools is kinda' like Night and Day.