By: Hector Guerrero Godinez


Carpenter helper architecture and construction also the reason I chosed carpenter is because it will be a memory of my dad when he dies and I lik3 building houses and to help people to have a shelter..

Work Environment

Carpenter works outdoors in fields and you have to work as a team/group to do it correctly.Type of dress work you will need a helmet , hard boots , pants , tools , belts , and clear glasses
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So as y'all see in the picture that's what I will be doing as a carpenter.


You will need a degree required like a high school diploma or equivalent .

Job Description

The salary is the money you get $19.63 an hour and $40,820 a year and the growth opportunities is 6% (As fast as average.) and yes because it build a lot of homes for the people to live in.


` Follow blueprints

`Measure,cut,and shape wood

`Install structures and fixtures

` Building frame

`putting floors and doors


Yes because i get to bulid what i wanted to do since i first went to work with my dad.