What's Happening at the Kastle!

week of July 14, 2014

Administrative Announcements

  • So proud of all of the teachers who are attending the workshops this week..these teachers are coming in bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to work. Beware, they have already gotten a lot of work done, along with a "sneak peek" of what we are working on this year as a school! As I shared with yesterday's group - if yesterday was any indication, we are going to have a crazy-successful year!
  • If you have been reassigned to a different school or a different grade level..please be sure Susan or I have your classroom library so that we can give it to the right person next year.


  • Monday, July 28 at 9:00 - scheduling committee meeting. Now that the grade level reassignments are complete, please be sure your grade level has one representative.


makeup dates:

  • Tuesday, August 5 - ACE training (trade day, 2 jeans)

  • Wednesday, August 6 - TSP training (trade day)

  • Thursday, August 7 - CCI training (trade day)


  • NY Writing Institute will be held at the PDC on July 22nd (Kindergarten & 3rd grade), July 23rd (1st & 4th grade) and July 24th (2nd & 5th grade). each registered participant should have received an email from Liz Potter with further details. .Each participant must bring their Units of Study in Opinion, Information and Narrative writing kit.
  • County Staff Development Day will be on August 21st. More information to come.
  • Open House will be Friday, August 22, from 2-4.


Two things:

1. As you clean the house, remember we have more VIF staff coming next year! Our new Mandarin teachers will need a whole other setup with regards to furniture, dishes, etc..so whatever you have, please consider donating!

2. We have a job opening for part time EC, due to Sarah Birkmaier's resignation, and also for a part time reading teacher (for the English instruction in the Mandarin rooms - Valorie CANNOT do both!). If you know of anyone who you think would be good for either position, send them my way!

Grade level lists...

Please remember that they MAY be subject to change due to any growth or further change in staff members:

Kindergarten:Althof, Batson, Evans, Martin, Sewell

First Grade: Aquilone, Brook, Cohen, Flores

Second Grade: Eanes, Glasheen, Johnson, Sofsian, Wilson

Third Grade: Fisher, Harrington, Owens, Rathbone, Roach

Fourth Grade: Breunig, Caldwell, LeGacy, Martinelli, Wilkins

Fifth Grade: Bauer, Contrera, Pipes, Baron, Outen, Pitz, Rhodes


Send-off for our staff members who are leaving us at Laura Aquilone's house...on Tuesday, July 29, from 2-4. Bring your favorite snack/drink, swimsuit and towel (if you want), and let's send these people off with happiness, fun, and love!