by: Viry, Skylar, and dallyn

What is a Tornado?

A tornado is a type of catastophic event that can destroy houses and more. A tronado starts as a thunder storm and turns into a whirling wind strom that can reach up to 300 miles per hour.

How does a Tornado negatively effect natural enviorments and people?

A tornado negativley effects natural enviorments by containing water,destroying crops,and other farm properties. A single tornado can kill 60 to 80 people and injur more than 1,500 people. Most injuries occur of flying all around or falling debris.

The Tornado that hit Oklahoma City.

In May 20, 2013 a Tornado hit really bad in Olahoma City, destroying house buildings and even an hospital.This tornado effected the enviornment by changing Global Climate.

Do Tornadoes have positve effects?

Tornadoes don't have a positive effect because it can cause damage kill a lot of people.Tornadoes may have a positive effect because it starts as a thunder storm beinging water to the earth and than turns into a whirling cloud the catches speed and destroys things.

MORE imformation on Tornadoes.

Every state could be in danger of this tornado hazard.

A tornado can hit very quickly or without warning at all.

The average speed of a tornado is 30mph but it can vary to 70mph.

Tornadoes are mostly located on the east of the rocky mountains durring spring and summer.

waterspoutes are tornadoes that form on or above water.

Tornadoe can accompany huricans and tropical storms as they go along the land.