MOM Weekly 2.2.15

It's great to be a Mayan!

Our 2016 Teacher of the Year!

Congratulations Mrs. Cortez. Your work as Curriculum Specialist, site leader, yearbook teacher and the many other roles you fill for our kids have surely not gone unnoticed. Our Admin team, faculty, staff, students, and community couldn't be more proud to have your represent our school. It as been awesome having your lessons and ideas shared throughout our site and we can't wait to have the rest of the District and County see!
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Mrs. Cortez is my favorite teacher because..

After walking on campus this morning it only took me a minute to find 3 students who stated Mrs. Cortez was their favorite teacher. Below are a few quotes from those kids.

"She use projects in class so that we have fun while learning."

"We take tests every Friday so that we know if we are understanding what she is teaching. The tests are on Canvas so we get the results back right away."

"She allows us to discuss the topics in groups and she makes learning about cultures interesting."

PLC's, Walkthroughs, and Achieve 3000

  • Possible Tech Time (Prep time for Int. Assessments)
  • Math/English finalize Block Int. Assessment choices
  • Zone/Training share outs


Achieve 3000:

  • Social Science to pick and post articles for next week
  • English 7: Helping Some Sea Birds and What Kids Eat at School
  • English 8: In the Shadows of the Pyramids, Real-Life Robots, and President Writes Letter to Children
  • Advisory: Age of Revolution: Cinco de Mayo an Important Day

Club Maya

Boys Soccer 0-0 Tie vs RDR

Boys Basketball lost to BVM

Team A Girls Volleyball beat CVM 3 sets to 0 & IB Charter 2 sets to 1

Team B Girls Volleyball lost to IB Charter

Check out what one of our students created in Mr. Macias' Tech class!

District Parent Survey Contest (We finished 4th among ALL MS & HS)

School #Responses Total Enrollment %

Bonita Vista Middle School 120 1163 10.32%

Castle Park Middle School 34 825 4.12%

Chula Vista Middle School 22 814 2.70%

Eastlake Middle School 181 1683 10.75%

Granger Junior High School 33 930 3.55%

Hilltop Middle School 89 1026 8.67%

Mar Vista Academy 26 888 2.93%

Montgomery Middle School 82 894 9.17%

National City Middle School 20 805 2.48%

Rancho Del Rey Middle School 175 1760 9.94%

Southwest Middle School 25 693 3.61%

Mrs. Salcido's WAAG

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Do we need a Genius Hour?

Montgomery Middle School

We are only a month and a half away from the Biggest Loser end date. Are you signed up for the Race for Autism and/or the Hot Chocolate 5k? I will start to post some updates on our progress in the contest. Word has the early leaders coming from the ladies in 601 & 602.