Rainbow Road

By: Blake, Ethan, Xavier, And Chris.

Water, Towels, and colors.

First we got 4 different colors, and filled 4 beakers up to the same point with water and put the same amount of color in each one, Then we bent 2 paper towels to where they can both be in 2 at a time, so 1 paper towel was in 2 and the other was also in 2, And then all we have to do was wait for the water color to reach the other color and watch them spread.

Hypothesis, IV,DV,

Hypothesis- Was for the color to spread into the other beaker and mix, But that unfortunately did not go as we expected.

IV- Was colors and the paper towels,

DV- was How quickly the color spread to the other side.

Control Group, Conclusion, Measurement Scales.

Control Group-was use of the same colors.

Conclusion- was that this did not work and we tried many different ways but only worked a few times.

Measurement Scale- Each color made it up the paper towel at a few seconds apart each time this acutally worked.