Mrs. Cormack's Class Newsletter

For the Week of March 18th

Week in Review

Whew, we made it! This week was full of learning! The kids really enjoyed the water cycle experiments, and now they can tell you all about it! We had a wonderful time reading tall tales, and they really loved the Pecos Bill story. Talk about a lot of exaggeration! They wrote amazing reading responses which hopefully you will get to see when we come back. I had a bumpy week due to a loss in my family, but we had Mrs. Lilleboe step in to sub on Thursday the 7th, which was so helpful.

What We Will Be Learning About When We Come Back!

This week will begin the 4th Nine Weeks! I cannot believe we are so close to the end of the year already.

Math: The focus this week will be geometry. Students will learn the difference between 1D, 2D, and 3D shapes, they will compare attributes of shapes and learn about polygons and tangrams. There will not be any traditional problem solving this week, however, students will be using hands on models of shapes and geoboards to solve problems. Later in the week students will be completing a guided spiraling sheet and an individual spiraling sheet.

Science: The spotlight in science will be plants and animals. Before beginning our new until we will complete an assessment on weather, season and the water cycle after a review on Monday. Students will be learning the basic needs of plants and animals, identifying factors in the environment; including temperature and precipitation that affects growth and behavior such as migration, hibernation and dormancy of living things. Students will also compare and give examples of the ways living organisms depend on each other and on their environments such as food chains.

Reading: The big idea in reading will be fables. Students will be focusing on why authors write fables, the character traits, learning about morals, and connecting morals to themes by making inferences. After working with fables all week students will create their own fable that teachers a moral. Throughout the week students will be responding to reading in their reader's response notebooks.

Writing: In writing students will be working on small moment stories.

Materials Need for Upcoming Unit

In science we are beginning our unit on plants and animals.

Starting Monday, March 25 we will begin our hands on investigation that requires quite a bit of materials.

The following items are needed; please let me know if you might be able to donate or let me borrow any of the following:

Quantity and Materials

24 - Small paper cups

44 seeds (unsure how many packages this would be) - Radish Seeds

6 - Zinnia or Marigold plants (not seeds)

1 bag - Potting Soil

We already have some paper bowls and hand shovels! Thank you Dattani Family!

If you are able to contribute please let me know so I can mark that off of my shopping list. Any donated or borrowed items need to be sent to school no later than Friday, March 22.

Thank you in advance for your contribution!

School Supplies

Thank you so much if you contributed some school supplies. It is so helpful and we can all breath a bit easier now that the pencil sharpener isn't grinding quite as much :)

Spotlight Stallion

Congratulations to a very Special Spotlight stallion, Naina Urs! She gets to take Peter home over the break! Naina always gets her homework done with amazing quality, and she is very helpful in the room. She truly is a great role model and a friend to all.

Calendar and Birthdays

March 9th- Justin's Birthday

March 11th-15th Spring Break

March 28th - Field Trip to Austin Zoo!

March 29th- No School