Ionain Revolt


What King Darius says about POWER!

King Darius interview:

"So, King Darius what do you think about your power?"

"I think my power is great because I can make anybody do anything I want without complaint."

"Ok what else?"

"Well, I would like some wine right now, BUT Greece has wine so we need to conquer all of Greece. That means I need to gather my army. That's another nice thing about being a King and having power, you can control an army. Mwahahaha!"

"That's our interview, and KING Darius wants this to be over. He wants to go conquer Greece."

What Persian solders say about their "power" in numbers.

"So, how do you guys feel about having so much power in numbers?"

"Well we think it's kind of awesome being a solder with your brother over there and, oh hey joe, and your sister over there. The only thing is we're lightly armoured, so we lose so many friends, Joe I'm in the middle of an interview here, as I was saying, we have power together!""Joe, quit bothering me!"

"Anyway, the soldiers are pushing me away with more than two hands so i had better get rolling!"

What Ionians say about "their" power!

"So, how does it feel to be an Ionain under persians' power or rule?"

"Well, actually it's um, how do I say this? Uh, it's, uh, it is not my idea of fun because we are the underdogs and don't have an advantage against the Persians. We have to pay a lot of taxes called tribute."

"So how do you and your comrades feel about this?"

"We feel like we should revolt, though we aren't strong against Persia. But then again we will fight for our freedom, no matter what it takes!"

"Okay that's our interview, it really "takes" the cake."

How the Athenians feel about their power compared to the Ionians against Persia.

"So how does this affect you, Mr. Athenian?"

"I think it is great to help the fellow city-state against the great and evil Persians."

"Ok thanks for your advice, hey what else do you think about the Persians and your power against them?"

"We will fight against Persians until we win for all of Greece and all of Europe!"

"Ok that's our show! These Athenians really have enough power to end this interveiw! Bye!"