Robert E. Lee

Confederate General that was appointed by Jefferson Davis

What was the impact Robert E. Lee during the Civil War?

His impact in the Civil War was that he fought for not the south or slavery, but just to protect his home state of Virginia, President Lincoln even offered for him to lead the Union but Lee refused so he could protect Virginia and so when he fought he wasn't fighting for slavery he was fighting for Virginia and that showed he was just protecting his home

Birth, Death & family

He was born January 19, 1807 his dad is Revolutionary War hero Henry "Light-Horse Harry" & His extended

family members included a president, a chief justice of the United States, and signers

of the Declaration of Independence

His wife was Mary Anna Randolph Custis

He died, October 12, 1870, five years after the war.


Lee was one of just six cadets in his graduating class who finished without a single demerit.

He served as military advisor to President Jefferson Davis until June 1862 when he was given command of the wounded General Joseph E. Johnston's embattled army on the Virginia peninsula.


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