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How To Plant Stunning Yellow Daisies

Step 1: First, your daisy needs a 8 fl ounces (fl oz) of water. To begin, get a beaker so it can be easier to measure how much is in there. If you don't have a beaker get 10 inch tall glass because that is pretty mush 8 fl ounces. Next, if you want to conserve water than turn on the faucet no longer then 2 minutes . With, running the faucet under the water, clean the 8 fl ounces beaker daisies need to be clean.

Step 2:Make sure that your daisy is in the sunlight because that will give the daisies a bright yellow color it needs and also had benefits for daisies and bright colored flowers. Then, The daisies will need to wait another 2 to 4 days. Finally, on this step make sure that the daisy does not stay in the sun to long because it might foll to pieces because the summers drouts are the worst for the plants.

Step 3: Then, You need to feed your daisies about 20 ML of fertalizer, you can by it at Lows, Home Depot, and target. Next, make sure that the fertalizer is in a shield because the bugs and animals might want to get in there and mess up the daisies. Then, after you have the shield, get protection spray but the natural kind so it wont hurt the animals but strong enough to keep them away.

Step 4: Put, 4 yards of dirt around the flower because it wont run of supply in the winter. Then, make sure that the dirt is damp because cold winters might dry for the daisies. Next, put the daisies under a for 1 day so the to daisies can have light in the short days. Third, the daisies will need need about 10 to 15 grains of flower food. Last, the daisies will need attention, because there are animals looking for food and the daisies is not one of then.

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The Fabulous Invitation Of The Sky

Slogan: Moon and stars waiting outside the universe just for you.

Contract info: Bree, 288-128-3762 or Bree.Dumont.1@Gmail.com

Date of event: July 1

Where is it: campground

Description: It is a event that has gazing stars shinning moons that will take you to a another world. It is like seeing the first fireworks but better because it is a ounce in a life time opportunity. Bring you friends and family and enjoy, food, drinks, and friend fun.

How to on with you life

Dear old times news paper,

My parents just died in a fire and there is a lady who says that she'll take care of me. I don't know if she'll be like my parents at all. I want to remember the times with my parents but I don't want to remember the fire at all. I don't want Lilly to have to have bad flashbacks. I want Lilly to have a good fucture and move on. I wan't to see Lilly but she has lived with someone else. I want to know where Lilly lives and I want to play with her more often. Lilly is nervous about where she is going to live. She want's to live with me but it's to late to decide. She is to little to understand that you have to make quick decisions .



Dear Lonnie ,

Just make the best of what you have. Be extra nice to the lady who is taking care of you and do what she wants you to because she probably wants the best for you. Maybe on her birthday give her a gift or plan her a surprised birthday. Maybe, she'll remind you of your mom. Anyways, remember the good times with your parents make a photo book if you have photos if you don't collection many things that remind you of your parents. Tell Lilly that shell be fine and maybe someday that she will see you and do good in school so she well have a good future and be kind to Lilly tell her that she is going to having a loving family soon and you'll visit her.


Old times news papper