Recorders in Music Class!

4th and 5th Grade Music

5th Grade

This year, we are continuing our study of recorders in music class. Each child should have two recorders from 4th grade- one to keep at school in the music classroom, and one to keep at home for homework practice. This will minimize instruments getting lost or broken as students should not be transporting them between home and school.

Please assist your child in finding a safe spot at home to keep their home recorder. This is a vital part of their school supplies for music class and practice homework will be regularly assigned throughout the year.

Parents- if your child has lost their home recorder and needs to purchase a new one, please contact your child's music teacher to purchase a new recorder through the school.

**If you plan to purchase one on your own instead of contacting the music teacher, please ensure you are purchasing the same recorder that we use in class, so your child is learning the correct fingerings (different types/brands of recorders sometimes have different fingerings and this could be potentially frustrating for your child at home)

The recorder we use in class:

Please be sure to select BAROQUE IVORY recorder (NOT German).

4th Grade

Close to the end of the semester, we will begin to learn how to play recorders in music! Recorders are a valuable tool in the music class. Studies have shown that students who learn to play an instrument do better on standardized tests and have increased understanding of harmonic and rhythmic (mathematical) structure. Your child's "home" recorder will be coming home shortly before Christmas- after we have learned to play a complete song. Recorders will be part of their music homework. Please encourage your child in this early stage of learning. Your encouragement and positive words help set the stage for a positive experience at school. Students will need a quiet place to practice and a safe place to store their recorder and book once it is brought home. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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