Candidacy Statement

Kaley Isono/ Period 1/ Mrs. Fulton/ 4-1-16

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Augustus Caesar

I am Augustus Caesar, the most important and the first Roman Emperor to ever rule the Roman Empire. I was in power from 31 B.C. to 14 A.D., and died at the age of 76 from natural causes. I was honored and the month of August during the calendar year was named after me. Julius Caesar is my adopted brother and I named myself Augustus or Pater Patriae which means "Father of the country." When I the split the Diocletian empire in half, there was an Eastern half in which I ruled and a Western half named the Maximian Augustus. My wife who was named Livia was said to be the most influential women in Ancient Rome. She was very worthy of me as well as very poised and dignified. Once she stood up and saved a group of men from going to prison. Even though she saved them I completely disagreed that they were let off on a crime. I believe the law is that people should pay the price of brutality. Some of my contributions to Rome included making the boundaries of the empire more stabilized and larger. Another helpful thing the people of Rome said I did was reduce the size of the army and divide it into two fleets. Soldiers were allowed to serve for 20 years unlike before when they could only volunteer temporarily. In 31 B.C., I helped make Rome more peaceful instead of a chaotic empire. The 200 years of peace were known as the Pax Romana or “Peace of Rome.” This was very significant because it made people follow laws and create a stable society for everyone. I was the first person to establish a fire-fighting and police force for Rome. My main hope for Rome is to keep the Pax Romana and for the peace to stay like this forever and the next ruler of Rome will maintain its order and won’t turn this beautiful city into a mess. During my 44 years in power I helped produce an imperial city that had impressive architecture. By making Rome look stronger and better it renewed the people’s strength. My great architecture I built was most famous for making Rome a better quality where it not only looked good, but functioned well. I continued using columns to give the building a traditional look even though they weren't needed because my building was beautiful. I used my own money and borrowed money to fund these projects for the people's good, as it created many jobs and drove down unemployment. My vision for the future is for all the architecture I built to maintain its beauty and the people continue to be happy and have quality lives that continue to thrive. My main worry is the law and the price of punishment for committing a crime. I do not want to punish my people but I do want to establish peace in Rome and it continue to make our empire stronger. My people I am your greatest leader who, “I found Rome a city of bricks; I leave to you one of marble.”