Stem Cell Research

It Saves People

What are stem cells?

stem cells are unspecialized cell found in fetuses, embryos, and some adult body tissues that has the potential to develop into specialized cells or divide into other stem cell . Any stem cells can make new cells whenever because they can be any cell

Where do Stem Cells Come From?

Stem Cells come from embryos that are three to five days old. Although not all stem cells come from the embryos. They can come from bone marrow, placenta and cord tissue, amniotic fluid, teeth, and umbilical cord blood.

Stem Cells Therapies And What It Can Be Used For?

Stem Cells can be used to treat diseases. They can be used to treat diseases by replacing tissue that is damaged by disease or injury. Also another example on how stem cells can be used to help people if they are hurt is by speeding up bone growth. If you had to have surgery on a foot and the bone is having trouble growing you can use stem cells to help it grow faster back to where it needs to be

Stem Cell Issues!

There have been concerns with stem cells and the bad that they might have with to bring with them. For example, some concerns with stem cells are that they might have passing on of viruses, they might have diseases from animals, and they also might have an uncontrolled growth. This is why stem cells might be issue to people but for now everything is ok.