Pearl S. Buck Elementary

April 26, 2019

Upcoming Dates

School Closed:

May 21 - Act 80

May 27 - Memorial Day

Upcoming Events:

April 29-30 Math PSSA (Grades 3&4)

April 29 - Race for Education (rain date) 2:30

April 30 - 4th Grade Chorus Sings at Trenton Thunder. 7:05 game. (Ticketed event)

April 30 - STEAM Expo at Neshaminy High School 6:30-8:30

May 1-2 - Science PSSA (Grade 4)

May 16 - Music concert at MPMS. 7 PM.

May 31 - Field Day

Every Friday! Buck Spirit Days. Wear your Pearl Buck spirit shirt, or red and blue.

~ "The Neshaminy community builds futures by empowering each child to become a productive citizen and a lifelong learner." ~

Race for Education Information

Monday, April 29, is our rain date for the Race for Education. The event will begin at 2:30 on our back fields.

Parents are welcome to join us to cheer and encourage the children during the Race for Education. The event will occur on the fields behind the school.

For family members who plan to join us:

  • Please park in designated spots, and in other legal areas on the surrounding streets.
  • Parking on the grass by the school's upper lot will be permitted, subject to ground conditions.
  • At the conclusion of the event, parents will be permitted to sign-out their child(ren).
  • To reduce confusion, please note the following:
    • At the end of the race time, each class will assemble at their respective fire-drill location on the center black-top.
    • Please allow each teacher to organize his or her class before requesting a dismissal.
    • Parents must meet teachers at the fire-drill location in order to sign-out their child(ren).
    • Please have ID available (a driver's license is best). - The parent/guardian is responsible for his or her child(ren) upon signing the child out from school.
    • Parents who need to sign-out children from multiple grade levels must meet each respective teacher once his or her class has lined up.
  • If someone OTHER than you (the parent) will be signing-out your child, please send in a note to your child's teacher indicating to whom your child should be released.
  • Once a class has re-entered the building, students will be dismissed following our normal routines.

Warm Weather Attire

To help ensure your child is appropriately dressed and prepared for the approaching warm weather, please use the following information to guide clothing choices for school.

  • T-shirt-style shirts are the simplest choice. They cover all that needs to be covered.
  • Please avoid shirts that expose the torso due to a mid-waist length, or large arm holes allowing the torso and/or undergarments to be seen.
  • Sandal-style shoes are to have a firm sole and heel strap. No flip-flop styles.
  • Sneakers are best. They protect the foot and allow for easy running and play.
  • Water bottles for recess are permitted.
  • Hats for recess are also permitted.
  • Please apply sun-screen at home.

The Schwa!

Ms. Buttari’s third grade class is discovering the schwa sound. It’s a tricky one because many have not heard this term before. At the same time, many of us read words with it all day long. Let’s test your knowledge of the schwa!

What is it?

1. It is a generic vowel because its sound can be assumed by any vowel. It originated in Hebrew.

2. It encompasses a range of sounds from that of short u (e.g. alone, about) to short I (e.g. leverage) but it most frequently sounds like short u.

3. Every word with more than one syllable has one syllable that is stressed more than the others.

4. Unstressed syllables often assume the schwa sound.

5. The schwa is the unstressed vowel sound or syllable in a multi-syllabic word.

6. Most native English speakers will be able to use their ears to correctly identify where a schwa is needed.

Taken from Reading Horizon’s Discovery.

Big picture

THINKing CLEAN for Earth Week!

The 2nd Grade helped keep our neighborhood and school grounds clean this week by participating in a Neighborhood Clean Up Walk through Twin Oaks during Earth Week. Everyone enjoyed the walk, and many neighbors came out to thank the students for their efforts in keeping their community looking beautiful. GO GREEN!


The 2nd Grade classes finished out their Earth Savers (Project Based Learning) Unit this week with an Earth-Friendly Picnic and a “Trash to Treasure” creative activity. Students were asked to bring in a TRASH FREE lunch, using reusable or recyclable containers. They ate outside, enjoyed our beautiful school grounds, and counted the number of trash items they had in their lunches. Receiving a “0” was the goal for the day. Each student was also asked to bring in three items of trash in order to turn that trash into a treasure. Working in groups, the students needed to look at their items and think like an artist, using only the items they needed to make a sculpture of something. Many groups decided to create an animal sculpture, as animals are a real treasure. As Earth Week ends, the 2nd grade knows that being an Earth Saver has only just begun. GO GREEN!!

Volunteer Clearances

Parents who plan to serve as chaperones and volunteers for school must have current clearances on file with the school. For additional information on clearances, including all related links, please visit this District webpage. Since the process can take several weeks, please file for your clearances ASAP so that they are in place when needed.

PTO Board Member Maureen Krom is offering free Notary services for any Buck parent who may need to have volunteer forms notarized. You can contact Mrs. Krom at

Be Allergy Aware!

Due to varied allergy and dietary needs, please contact your child's teacher before sending in food or other items intended to be distributed to students in a classroom (e.g. birthday celebrations, class parties). Students should not share food at any time during school - even with a close friend. A seemingly harmless food item may unexpectedly contain allergens, or interact with other medical conditions. Depending on the health needs within a classroom, teachers may choose to avoid food-oriented experiences altogether. Please consider non-food treats as an alternative. Speak directly with your child's teacher. Do not send in any items until the teacher has responded and confirmed the appropriateness of your request. Thanks!

Did you know?....

The NSD STEAM Expo will be held on Tuesday evening, beginning at 6:30 PM at Neshaminy High School. Check out the video below to see what all of the excitement is about!