AVID Fall Semester Exam

Hezekiah Cotton 1/11/16 7th grade

Question 1

How did I grow as a student this semester ?

Cornell Notes

Cornell notes helped me grow as a student because of the techniques i used such as the following : highlighting, asking question to help, circling key terms, and summarizing my notes.


Filling out a TRF also helped me grow as a student because it helped me organize and plan my thoughts. It also helped me learn how to see other peoples thought process. It helped my class mates learn my thought process.

Filling Out My Planner

Filling out my planner helped me prepare for what was going to happen in class. Sometimes teachers would tell me to take out my planner and write down something that would happen later on in the week. That way I would be expecting when a test or homework was due.

Pencil Bag

Having an organized pencil bag helped me always come to school prepared. This way if I need any type of supplies, I have all of my supplies in my binder. It also helped out classmates because if they needed to borrow any type of supplies they could borrow them from me.


S-Sit in the front

L-Lean forward

A-Ask questions

N-Nod your head

T- Talk to your teacher

Slant helped me grow as a student because it helped me get better grades. For me talking to the teaches and asking question were the biggest factors.They really had an impact on my grades.

Learning Logs

Learning Logs helped me explain what i did in class instead of just answering nothing when when my parents ask what i did at school that day. They also helped me summarize what I did that school week.

Question 2

What will i do next semester to continue to grow in these areas ?

How I Will Improve this semester

I will keep growing by trying to making myself more consistent with following these strategies. At the moment I am on and off with following these strategies, but i plan on becoming more automatic.