Europa Resort

Come Here and Enjoy Your Adventure

About our Resort

When you come to our resort you will enjoy everything, if your looking for an adventure come to our beautiful resort! You can come enjoy our "cool" spa, or go scuba-diving, or even go ice skating!! To find more book any reservations for any activities listed below call:

Head Directer: 123-456-7890

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Science Lab for Kids

At our resort the kids can go to our science lab and learn things about Europa like:

  • Sixth closest moon to Jupiter.
  • One of Jupiter's 66 moons
  • Icy surface
  • One of the largest moons in our solar system
  • Was discovered by Galileo Galilei January 8, 1610
  • Slightly smaller than the earths moon
  • It is incredibly smooth
  • It takes 85 hours to orbit or 3.55 earth days
  • Made of silicate rock and probably has an iron core
  • 11.8 earth years
  • Temp: about 339 degrees celcius

All of these things you can learn at our science center, to learn these things you do experiments and activities.


In many of our activities this one is the most interesting, you can go down in Europa's "ocean". When you go down in our special gear ,since its cold down there, you see micro-organisms its actually a really great experience that you would never see on Earth.

Ice Skating

On top of Europa's surface its icy, so you can go to our ice rink and ice skate with your family, or even friends. We will provide ice skates and jackets if you need them. There will be a small fee which is a very good deal.

"Cool" Spa

In our luxury spa you will be calm and cool, not to hot and not to cold. We do charge a decent price for a spa because we don't want there to be any stress or worries at our spa. We will have a cooling tub and a hot tub. Our masseuses with use our special lotion that will open up your pores and clean and it with give the cooling effect. If theres any problems please tell so you can enjoy your vacation.
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Fun Facts

  • The distance from the earth to Europa can change. Sometime The earth and Jupiter are opposite each other and can be 1 billion km apart, when they are in alignment they can be as close as 600 million km.
  • Distance from Europa to the Sun: 480 million miles
  • The average temperature is 171.15 celsius. WOW, that's really cold!!
  • Europa's year is equivalent to about 1,300 earth days or 3.5 earth years.
  • Europa's is about 4 earth days. It also takes about 4 days for Europa to rotate around Jupiter so it is the same!
  • Europa's gravitational pull is about 13% of Earth's pull, so please check out our Adventure store to buy a pair of heavy boots to keep you grounded!

Our transportation to Europa Resort

To get to our resort, you must take Europa Airways. It is three story spacecraft with many things to do on each floor. On the first floor is regular seating and the pilot's area. On the second floor has a snack bar, seating, and music. On the third floor we have a party room with pizza, snacks and drinks such as smoothies. On the roof their is a clear view of space.
There is emergency exits on every floor just in-case something happens. In case of an emergency exit we have oxygen tanks underneath the seats and quick suits to pull on. It would take about 3.5 days to get to Europa using our latest space controls.