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23 August 2019


God our Father, you knew us before we were born. You called us at Baptism to be witnesses of your love for us in Christ. Prepare our hearts and minds as we welcome the gifts of your Holy Spirit, that we may become everything you desire us to be as your sons and daughters in Christ. Amen.


Friday 23 August – Year 5 Assembly + Confirmation Y6

Saturday 24 August – Fathering Project - Bunnings Claremont

Thursday 29 August– Father's Day Liturgy PP + Kindy Father's Morning

Monday 02 September - P&F Meeting 7pm

Tuesday 03 September - Surf Online Safe Yrs 5 & 6 incursion & Surf Online Safe Parent Presentation 6pm (all years)

Friday 06 September – Athletics Carnival


Dear St. Thomas' Community,

As our Year Six Students prepare to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation it is important to celebrate the Catholic community we are all a part of. Here at St Thomas’ we always strive to provide a safe and supportive learning environment for our children to achieve their best. Our faith creates this safe environment as we promote the Gospel values which are an extension of the values that are being taught at home. This partnership is the essence of our community. Our faith also promotes the wellbeing of each child as the Catholic Church provides a sense of belonging, commitment and support. This was evident on Saturday night as our Year 1 students hosted the Parish Mass for our community. We are blessed to be a part of such a strong Parish and to be supported by Fr Wayne.

God Bless

Mitchell Bristow


Book Week

St Thomas’ celebrated book week in style as they dressed to the theme of 2019, “Reading is my Super Power”. Every student participated and I am very pleased to see that every staff member also enjoyed the day dressed as The Bad-Tempered Ladybird or characters of the classic Charlotte’s Web. Thank you to the parents for helping our children with their costumes.

Protective Behaviours

Protective Behaviours Program

Although every child has the right to feel safe at all times, each year thousands of children across Australia experience abuse. It is estimated that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 7 boys will be subject to some form of unwanted sexual activity before the age of 18 (Australian Institute of Criminology, 1993).

The protective behaviours program is based on two themes:

We all have the right to feel safe at all times

We can talk with someone about anything, no matter what it is

By sharing protective behaviours with your child, you will be helping to develop lifelong skills of assertiveness, self-confidence, problem solving, communication, resilience and help seeking.

The staff at this school have participated in Protective Behaviours Professional Development Workshops and will be integrating the Protective Behaviours Program into the Curriculum from K-Year 6 over Term 3.

For further information please see Parent information PDF which was attached to your email.


On Friday the 23rd of August our Year Six students will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. This sacrament of initiation is a milestone for our students as they commit themselves as young adults to follow Christ and serve our faith. The Most Reverend Archbishop Timothy Costello will celebrate the Mass for us and join Fr Wayne in sealing our students with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Cyclic Review

Last term St Thomas underwent the CEWA Cyclic Review. This review process is a thorough and rigorous review of how the school operates and performs in the key domains of Catholic Identity, Education, Community and Stewardship. This term the school received the report, which was glowing in its commendation of our school, our connection with the Parish, our staff and the learning and wellbeing programs offered to our children. The report constantly referred to the strength of our community and how we are truly connected to our families which promotes a healthy and supportive learning culture for our children. This report is a credit to the hard work and dedication put in by every staff member and we must celebrate this outstanding achievement. The following is an extract from the report.

“The SCR Panel recognises St Thomas’ Primary School as an authentic learning and faith community that strives to engage best practice with a focus on contemporary learning. The school should be affirmed for having improvement at the forefront of its planning, taking a collaborative and proactive approach to building upon the school’s many strengths. St Thomas’ Primary School’s improvement agenda is guided by the school’s Strategic Plan and School Improvement Plan. All plans (including the Evangelisation and Curriculum Plans) have been developed through broad consultation with relevant stakeholders.”

This document has been reviewed thoroughly by the staff and it will be used as a data source to inform the School Improvement Plan for 2020. I would like to again thank you the staff for their outstanding commitment to our school.

Constable Care

This week our students from Kindy to Year Four had a special visit from Constable Care. As part of the school’s protective behaviours program, our children from Kindy to Year Two focussed on Fun Scary, the difference between being scared for fun such as a roller coaster and the bodies protective measures of being scared. The Year Three and Four students learnt about frenemies, targeting bullying and positive social and emotional behaviours.

Parking at the Church

Parents are reminded to never park in the driveway of Fr Wayne’s house. It is critical that this is left clear at all times. Those parking in this area will receive fines from the council. Please support our school and our parish by showing respect and common courtesy.

Assumption Mass

Our Year 4 students led our school and parish community in a beautiful Mass to recognise the Assumption of Mary into heaven. Our students were incredibly reverent and knowledgeable of this Holy Day of Obligation and our choir was in full voice once again. Thank you to Fr Wayne, the Year Four students and the School Choir for leading us on this.

Year One Parish Mass

Thank you to Miss Ward and the Year One students for leading our community in the Parish Mass on Saturday. Thank you also to Fr Wayne for formally welcoming my family and I to the St Thomas’ community. It was incredible to see our children, parents, staff and parishioners all come together to celebrate Mass.

Father Day

Fathers, uncles, grandfathers and father figures are invited to the Father’s Day breakfast on Thursday the 29th August. Following this the Pre-Primary children will host a Liturgy dedicated to the Fathers of St Thomas’ in the St Thomas' of the Apostle Church at 9.00am. Please note that all families and in particular all fathers from the community are invited to join us.

Mini Vinnies Term 3 Fundraiser

As we did this time last year we are collecting items for Schoolbags for Jesus. We are in need of items such as coloured pencils, stationery, exercise books ( please see attached flyer for more information. By providing these Schoolbags it enables children in these developing countries to receive an education and break the cycle of poverty. We aim to beat last years total of 60 schoolbags. We thank you for your continuing support and generosity.

May God touch your hearts to hear these needy children’s call for help and appeal. It doesn’t cost much but it’s life changing...

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Speak Up Awards

Speak Up Awards is an Interschool public speaking competition. These three Year Four students delivered outstanding speeches on Climate Change, Outlawing the Straw and Palm Oil. Congratulations to these articulate speakers for putting in the hard work and making St Thomas’ proud.
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Kindy 2021

We are currently taking applications for enrolments for four-year-old Kindergarten for and 2021. Your child must be 4 years of age before June 30, 2021 for the 2021 grouping.

Please download forms from our school website for applications. Interviews have commenced. If you know of any families who may wish to send their child/children to St Thomas’ please ensure you pass on this information.

School Fees

Thank you to all families who have finalised their 2019 school fees. A friendly reminder to please do so if still to be actioned.


Some of the classes have been creating music from everyday items that Mrs Cotton collected in the Christmas holidays. This is a fun and imaginative music project that encourages the students to make connections between sustainability and music.

The year 6 class used a variety of materials to add background music to a movie they filmed. The music and films were diverse and interesting. From an online soccer game to the everchanging weather.

The year 3 class were only allowed to use a variety of buckets and tins. They worked as a group to produce a musical composition to perform for their class. They banged, scraped, tapped, shook and made some great sounds with their bucket and tin arrangement.

The year 5 class are currently rehearsing their sustainable music project to present to their class. They are manipulating the materials to create exceptional musical compositions.

Another step our students are taking to a more sustainable future.

Sports News

St Thomas Athletics carnival – Friday 6th September.

If parents are able to assist with the carnival please inform Sharon Seaman –

Interschool Athletics carnival – Thursday 26th September

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Fathering Project - Volunteers required

Calling all St Thomas' Dads. 24/25 August for the dad’s Fathering Project at Bunnings, Claremont.

Shifts are 1-2 hours between 8am & 4pm.

Please RSVP to Or text 0438 035 198. Students aged Y4 and above are welcome to help but must be working with their Dad. The more the merrier!

We are raising funds for the St Thomas dad’s group activities for 2020 including the night on the green and other fun events.

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Extend Before & After School Care

What’s on Next week?

Monday- AM:Colouring in/Painting PM: Playdough, Rainbow Skittles,Pingpong Match,Sewing Session

Tuesday- AM: Origami PM: Sewing Session- Apron or Art Smock making, Tag Games, Rubiks Race

Wednesday- AM: Painting PM: DIY Soccer Stadium, Soccer Match, Sewing Session

Thursday- AM: Balloon Game PM: Storytelling with friends, poem writing and story book making

Friday- AM: Jewellery making PM: Father’s Day card making/ Decorating the mug/ DIY Trophy/Ribbon

The Extend Superstars are…

Lauren, Sienna, Joshua, Rebecca, Jewel, Mimi, Vivienne, Caleb and Alysa for their enthusiasm and great effort to finish the final copy of the storybook to be donated to foster care - The Pyjama Foundation. Kudos to our little authors and illustrators! Well-done kids!

What’s Been Happening?

Over the past two weeks, we have been busy writing the storybook to be donated to the children living in foster care. We have partnered with the Pyjama Foundation as part of the Exten-A-Hand this year. We, the St. Thomas’s Extend After School Care are so happy that we were able to help make a difference in the lives of these children. Another highlight of the week was, we continue learning and developing our skills in sewing to be able to make a project to be exhibited in the upcoming Open Day at Extend After School Care.

Everyone is invited!

Please join us on September 11, 2019 at 4:30 pm onwards. The children of Extend After School Care are welcoming the parents, teachers and friends to see their creative work project in sewing. We will also have sewing demonstration by some selected students to showcase their skills and to have interaction with the guests. Can’t wait to see you all! Please save the date.

Extend Before and After School Care

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