by Kirsti Collins

Biography and Achievements through Life

Maddie was born in San Antonio, Texas. She grew up with three older siblings and extremely high expectations. She succeeded in meeting all of those expectations and by the age of eight she was reading high above that of her peers and had gotten straight A's all her school career. By the age of eleven she had graduated from Bulverde Creek elementary, had won her school spelling bee, and could play the violin as well as her teachers. She graduated Johnson High school at the very young age of sixteen, won the national spelling bee twice, was voted class valedictorian, and scored a 1475 on her SAT test. She went on to go to Texas A&M, and later to Harvard to get her bachelor's degree, writing degree, a business degree and an engineering degree. She now works as a business owner selling books and nature-friendly products she creates with her husband, Steven. Maddie is also a successful author who has written over 50 famous novels and books, including Rain Hard and Three Famous Tragedies in History for Children. She now lives in Florida with her husband, her three kids Faith, Katherine, and Sean, her cats Dolli and Sir Meowsalot, and one spoiled yorkie named Princess Fiona.

Dream Team

Princess Diana of Wales

Princess Diana, the former Princess of Wales, made it on to Maddie's dream team for her charity and beauty. Maddie says "She was always a great figure in my life because she was so kind. Even through her dark marriage she stayed truthful to her work." Princess Diana was very happy to learn that she was on Maddie's dream team. "She always thinks of the world and other people in her work. I am glad to know there are still a few people left like that in the world."

Joan of Arc

Maddie chose Joan of Arc to be one of her dream team because Joan has such a devoted faith in God. Maddie tries to keep God in her work even through the hard times, just like Joan of Arc never lost her faith in God while she was fighting for her country. Joan says: "This girl is very faithful to God. It is amazing that a few people are still so devoted to their faith in this time. She is one of those people. I am very honored to be on her Dream Team.

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was always an idol for Maddie with his wonderful dreams of inventions and will to make them come to life. As a successful inventor and artist, he always inspired Maddie to have the will to become everything she wanted, and be successful. When da Vinci met Maddie for the first time, he said she reminded him of himself when he was young because she had the same will to become a writer and an inventor. As the father of inventions, he says: "She is the greatest inventor of her time."

Henry Ford

As the inventor of automobiles and a man of great perseverance, Henry Ford has been an important figure in Maddie's life since she had first heard one of his quotes. When interviewed, Henry Ford said:"I had never been so overjoyed in my life! When I heard that I was on her dream team, I nearly jumped out of bed! She is such a great young inventor and writer. I have nearly 30 of her books, and they are all wonderful." Maddie says she chose him because he is an inventor and is so intelligent. She always wanted to be like him.

Martin Luther King

As a man who tried to change the world even in the terrible conditions he faced, Martin Luther King changed the world for the better. As a person strongly opposed to racism, Maddie always idolized Martin Luther King Jr. "Maddie is such a strong-minded young lady. She has changed the world with her great achievements and if I had a dream team, she'd be on it."

Maddie's Mandala

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