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Accommodations vs Modifications

I'm sure you've heard the saying "accommodations level the playing field, while modification change the field you are playing on." But do we really understand what that means?

Review this graphic. What questions about accommodations/modifications do you still have?


What is the roles of the General Ed Teacher? The Special Ed teacher? What about the special ed paraprofessionals who come in the room?

The pictures below give specific guidance from a TEA adopted manual on working with paraprofessionals.

Working with Paraprofessionals

For more info on utilizing paraprofessionals in your classroom read this document. Remember, this is only guidance and every school is different.


How are teachers supposed to grade students who receive accommodations?

Answer: Just like they would grade any other student. You provide the accommodation to help the student access the content, but the TEKS are not changed.

What about students in the general education setting who receive modifications?

Answer: You modify the content as specified by the IEP/ARD documentations, THEN grade following the same grading guidelines as all other students.

Can I use a modified rubric to grade students who receive modifications?

Answer: Yes, you can use a rubric that is different/ modified for students who receive modifications.

What about GPA and A-honor roll?

Answer: For high school, students who are graduating under modified curriculum and therefore have modified IEPs do not graduate with the same enforcement as students who do not have modified curriculum. Because of this, they are not eligible for highest ranking honors.

Students in special ed who receive modified curriculum CAN make A-honor roll. Once the ARD committee determines what modifications need to be in place, the student can absolutely master the curriculum to the level specified for them in their IEP/ARD and make the A-honor roll. Special Ed students or students making A or A/B honor roll DOES NOT take away from other students who also make A or A/B honor roll.

Grading and Progress Monitoring Guidance document

For more grading guidance check out this TEA approved document.

Academic/Classroom/Behavior Resources

Online Resources

Texas Statewide Leadership for Autism

Great site for training and behavior interventions and supports.

Texas Center for Learning Disabilities

Look at lesson plan templates, lesson plans for interventions and other resources. Very Literacy focused.

Texas State Library- Talking Books

Free online books for students who struggle with basic reading.

Progress in the General Education Curriculum

Great PD on sped students in the gen. ed setting. Has useful links to universal design tools.