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28th August 2013 Brittany Edwards


On November 11th, 9am, Edward "Ned" Kelly was killed. He was hanged. He was accused of a lot of murders so the judge decided to execute Kelly. Before he died he wrote in his diary prompted to say his last words, he opened his mouth and mumbled something. As he went to the press room (where we was executed) he said "Such Is Life" and removed his leg irons, he walked pass the flower bed and said "What a nice little garden" and said nothing at the rest of the walk. The Argus reported that he wanted to say something but he said "Ah, well, I suppose it has come to this" as the rope was being placed by his neck.

Before Ned Kelly died Constable Fitzpatrick assaulted Kate Kelly (Ned's sister) and his mother Ellen Quinn Kelly shot him in the wrist and his mother went to goal. Constable Fitzpatrick blamed Ned Kelly for the injury, after Ned wrote a letter threatening the government to get his mother Ellen Quinn out of goal. After the letter he shot many people (a lot murdered). He was sent to goal and got his death sentence.

Edward "Ned" Kelly was only 25 years old when he was killed. Glenrowan is officially now a safe place.