Science Student Registration

Mrs. McEuen 7th grade PAP/ MAP Science

Easy as 1-2-3

Follow these 3 easy steps to complete your paperless registration for 7th grade science.

1. Mrs. McEuen's NRJH Webpage

Review the classroom expectations in the course syllabus, the PAP contract and academic integrity guidelines, the science safety guidelines and safety contract in the student registration tab. All forms are printable for your convenience. Parents and students will need to fill out the online student registration form and acknowledge that both have read and understand the course expectations.

2. Edmodo Page

Register and join Mrs. McEuen's Edmodo page to get access to all classroom files. Join Mrs. McEuen's class by entering group code 7dsixk. Parents and students may set up a profile. Once you have gained access, students will need to reply to the question posted.

3. Mrs. McEuen's Quia page

Follow the instructions for registering for quia on Mrs. McEuen's school webpage. Enter your group code and register using your school login and student ID for your password. Play the RR game about classroom procedures until you successfully complete it and take the Classroom Quiz with unlimited attempts. The highest grade will be recorded.

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