Audience Feedback

----- Final trailer, poster and magazine -----

Final Stage

When receiving our focus groups we then showed them the final product of each media; the trailer, magazine and trailer. In order to carry this out effectively we gave them a load of potential questions before showing something like the trailer so they could think about it whilest watching.

Final Trailer

Firstly with the draft stage I asked my focus group to watch our final film trailer and to give their opinions of how it all fit together and would they be interested in actually watching the film.

Hannah Darcy and Ali A2 final film trailer

Focus Group Feedback

This is the verbal feedback my focus group gave on my trailer and my poster and magazine cover. Sharing their different opinions on it whilst comparing it to that of draft stage.
focus group final trailer
Poster, magazine cover focus group feedback.
Final Focus group feedback
Final Poster

Straight after the feedback was recored from the final trailer I then asked the focus group to give feedback on my final poster asking them what they thought worked well and how effectively it linked with the other multi-model context.

Final Magazine Cover

This was the copy in which I showed the focus group and got them to think about: what works well, what they preferred to the draft stage, does it effectively promote the trailer etc.

After showing them this we collected their responses in which we audio recorded as a way of presenting their feedback they gave us.

Peer Assessment

In my Peer assessment for my final version my peers thought that my model on my poster needed to be bigger to dominate the page more. As for the magazine they said to make the bar code smaller and rearrange the composition of the price and the date of the magazine as it isn't positioned clearly. They also said that because I illustrated my model for the front cover it looked messy around the edge, so I decided to blur the hair in the background to make it look more professional. The main feedback for my magazine was to make it look more like a film magazine because it wasn't instantly clear. So I decided to expand the connotations of the masthead 'REEL' and add film strips. Positioning them at the top and bottom of the Masthead so the viewer instantly sees it and picks up that it's a film magazine.

Why this feedback was useful

Due to carrying out this feedback from my target audience I can now clearly identify what my audience wants and what appeals to them in order for them to be intrigued by a films promotional package. By receiving different views on my work I was able to detach myself and gain a different perspective on my own work ; therefore it isn't objective as it's formed from other peoples own opinions. So now I can critically asses my own work by including their honest feedback, which I've gained through the use of gathering a focus group. My target market was addressed directly, raising key suggestions for improvement which strengthened the interaction between my work and my audiences responses. Pleasing them would boost my popularity of my promotional package which is ultimately what film producers want to achieve. Feedback would have been problematic but I've learned how to get a meaningful response in a focus group, setting up phrase questions carefully in order to receive the best responses.