interview process

andrew kyhn

before the interview

  • look up who you are being interview by
  • try to be on time if not early by 5 mints
Job Interview Tips - How to Prepare For a Job Interview

starting the interview

  • make eye contact
  • firm hand shake
  • two shacks

what to wear for the interview

  • men
  • if the good demands for it wear a suit if not then bland shirt with bland pants not geans
  • women
  • a dress or something that show that you are there for the job
How to Dress for Your Interview

the middle of the interview

  • if they ask about pay then its fair game
  • don't ask specific things about the job like holidays and pay unless they ask about it but then be vague .

the end of the interview

  • try to give your best even when things are coming to a close
  • try not to say anything mean

post interview

  • sent them a letter and wait for them to call you or call after about a week