Nuclear Fusion Press Release

by Alexandra Sandell 12-10-15

Me and My Lab

I am a scientist who has been studying nuclear fusion. I am the first scientist in the world who has discovered the secret of using nuclear fusion as an energy source. I am planning to introduce it to the world soon, so we can make energy out of it to power our homes and devices. This will help reduce pollution.

Nuclear fusion produces energy when different types of atoms join together, in contrast of nuclear fission, which is when the nucleus of an atom is split into smaller pieces and parts. Nuclear fusion is created in the sun.

Even though this new invention and technology is useful, it can still be dangerous. For example, it can explode and cause a lot of people to die.

Economic Impact

Nuclear fusion will help create energy for millions of people, and it will not produce a lot of pollution in the process. The prices will be high at first, because of the cost of producing nuclear fusion, but later on in time it will probably be reduced. Nuclear fusion will help millions of people gain electricity.