Rio De Janeiro

My dream vacation😎

My dream vacation is going to Rio De Janeiro. Rio is located in brazil which is in south america.I want to visit Rio because it is a very beautiful place.There is beautiful beaches ,beautiful forest and there's lots of carnival thats the reason it makes Rio so great.


It will take about 10 hours and15 minutes. The distance from Houston to Rio is about 5,022 miles away. I would take my sisters on this trip to Rio. I would go by by plane to Rio.I would stay about two weeks.


I would stay at a hotel in Rio.The hotel would have a pool, room service and tv's. I would have a two bedroom for me and my friend. I would have to pack me some clothes and other things like me some toothpaste, first aid kit , and other things I will need.I would not need to pact food or stuff like that because the hotel will already have it.


My trip to Rio would cost around 1,468. The cost of the hotel would be about 600 dollors for the whole 2 weeks.I would spend about 100 of spending money.On food about 100. The travel would cost about 600 there and back together.


There is many many things to do in Rio de Janeiro.There is going to the beach. There is carnivals.There is also other places you can go to and to go. The most unique opportunity is going to see the Amazon Rain forest. Those ar some things you could do in Rio de Janerio.There could be more things there.

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