Responsible Drinking

Take care of yourself while you can

What is responsible partying?

  • making sure you'e aware of your surroundings
  • make sure to have a DD ( Designated Driver)
  • Watch your drink
  • Never set your drink down
  • Have somebody watch over you


  • 12-17 years old abstained from alcohol 61.6% than consumed in the last 12 months (7.2%)
  • weekly 12-17 years old drink 51.1%
  • recent 12-17 38.4% drank recently

Effects of Teens drinking

  • risk of academic Failure
  • hangovers to death from alcohol poisoning
  • suicide, homicide, traffic crashes
  • 4,700 people under 21 die from injuries from underage drinking

How To Get Help

  • ask for help
  • go to counseling
  • go to rehab
  • go to doctor
  • have parents aware
  • go to support groups
  • change who you hang out with
  • stay in don't go to parties
The Other You. Responsible Drinking Campaign PSA
Underage drinking can turn into a serious consequence. Drinking underage can affect your brain development. During adolescent it is very important for brain development. Drinking underage is not worth all the consequences that can happen to you. You can get into rehab or you can drive drunk and kill somebody then have to go to court for further consequences. Drinking is not worth ruining everything you have going for yourself. Drinking may seem cool until you're 16 and in jail.