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Acton Weekly Update: 12/1/17

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Brook Wessel-Burke

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Reaching All Learners

Teaching students how to accept criticism or a consequence

From Lindsey:

There are 3 steps to accepting criticism or a consequence.

Accepting criticism (feedback) or a consequence:

  1. Look at the person.

2. Say "Okay."

3. Don't Argue.


Mini-lessons-Great work this week on mini lesson planning. Each grade level increased their comfort level with planning and implementing. Most teams were able to create more than one week's worth of planning.

Spend December getting familiar with the template and the amount of time you spend on the mini lesson. Remember it is a MINI LESSON! You can't teach everything during this time. Spend your grade level planning time together looking at upcoming units and planning resources to best introduce, reinforce or reteach comprehension skills. By January we expect mini lessons to be a consistent part of your daily lessons.

Don't forget that Matt will do "fishbowl" lessons in each grade level on December 12th.

Many of you have asked Matt about Independent work time. Being the amazing Instructional Coach that he is, he's provided a great little resource. Click the link below.

**NEW** Independent Work Time Information and Ideas!

Mini Lesson Planning Tips from Matt

Mini Lesson Planning Template

Q2 PD/PLC Calendar

Developing our Instructional Practices

Below are some photos of anchor charts and Student Learning Objectives posted in rooms that I visited this week. I like the "wall" of anchor charts. This makes it easy for students to know where to look for reference information. After the teacher and students create the anchor chart together it gives moved to the wall where students can reference it as needed.

What's Coming Up


4-8 Canned Food Drive

4 Evacuation drill

4 80’s dress up day-4th grade fundraiser


5 School Psych Meeting

5 PTO meeting


6 Robotics club

7 KDG field trip to Conner Prairie

7 3rd grade winter program- There will be NO RA schedule change for this program. We will call students down to the gym at 3:00.

7 Choir Winter program

8 Cookies with Santa

8 Student Council

9 Sounds of the Seasons at FCHS

11 2nd grade field trip Clowes Hall

12 Fishbowl mini lessons

13 Robotics club

15 All Pro Dads

15 3rd grade field trip

18 90’s day-4th grade fundraiser

19 last student day

19 Winter parties

19 All School sing along

19 4th grade novel presentation

20 Teacher Work Day