iCan@ KellerHarvel

January 19-23

Enjoy your 3-Day weekend! I will be out of town until Monday night. If you need ANYTHING, please do no hesitate to contact me or Jane.

iCan@KHES Staff Meetings every Thursday from 3:15 - 4:30

January 22nd - Nominations for Teacher of the Year & TELPAS training

January 29th - Writing PLC (all grade levels will review common assessments that were given on Jan. 23rd)

February 5 - No Meeting due to Literacy Night

Upcoming Dates to Remember

1/19 - Student/Staff Holiday

1/22 - Staff Luncheon hosted by 2nd grade

1/22-1/23 4th grade will give Writing benchmarks

1/23 - Kdg, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd will give common Writing assessment

1/23 - Early Release Day/Teacher Prep (no staff PD)

1/26 - Kelly Leach will meet with K-4 teachers during planning to discuss Writing strategies

1/27 - 2nd & 3rd grade 1/2 day grade level planning

1/27 - 4th grade Sky Ranch Parent meeting in the Library

1/28 - 3rd grade attends Expository Writing training

1/29 - Kinder & 1st grade 1/2 day grade level planning

1/29 - District Honor Choir performance 6:30 pm @ Keller High School

1/30 - Character Assemblies

1/30 - 4th grade 1/2 day grade level planning

1/30 - Math committee members attend Formative Assessment with Paige Keeley at Region XI

2/5 - Literacy Night/PTA meeting

2/6 - Storybook Character Parade

Hallways - Student Work

Please update the work that is posted in your hallway. All fall and Christmas student work should be removed. Remember when putting out student work to include the TEKS or "I can" statement that supports the work of your students.

Grades - something to think about

The grade range per marking period per subject area for grades 2, 3 & 4 are as follows:

Formative - Minimum 8/Suggested Maximum 15

Summative - Minimum 2/Suggested Maximum 5

How many grades do you have in each category? According to a report given to me for the 2nd 6 weeks, most/all of us have the minimum number of grades and many of us have more than the suggested maximum. When making a decision about what assignments should be graded, please consider these ranges and remember that we must comply with the minimum number of grades.

Reading A-Z & 1/2 day grade level planning

During your next 1/2 day of grade level planning, you will be given the opportunity to complete your Reading A-Z reading levels for your students. We will NOT meet together. This gift of time will allow you to update the spreadsheets and then email them to Kristen. The original due date posted was February 27th however with having this half day, I'd like spreadsheets emailed me to one week early, February 20th.

Data Talks

It is important that we begin to meet together to discuss your individual class data. I will be making appointments with each classroom teacher to review any data that you are currently collecting and we will look over Writing, CPAA, TPRI or AIMsWeb and Reading A-Z levels.

Highlights from this week's lesson plans

  • In 1st grade Social Studies, they had a great VESTED lesson - V - Read the Sneetches or watch on you tube, E - Have groups make a poster on how to treat others fair. S - Share their poster, T- This year what will you do to make others feel welcome
  • In 2nd grade, they had a great example of a notetaking/transform activity - write down "Wow" facts about snowflakes or Snowflake Bentley as T reads the story. TLW have the opportunity to share his/her "Wow" facts.

Campus Improvement Plan goal update

Goal #1 - By June 2015, 90% of all students, will be on grade level in Writing as measured by campus, district and state created assessments.

Progress Measures :

  • Editing (campus made assessments) - our target for all students is 90% and for EcDis students is also 90%. We will not have data until after our January writing benchmarks.
  • Writing rubrics (% of 4's) - We will not have data until after our January writing benchmarks.
  • Editing & Revising on STAAR - data posted after STAAR testing
  • Writing STAAR (% of 6's - 8's) - data posted after STAAR testing
  • District DCA Writing - our target for all students & EcDis students is 90%. 3rd grade all 61% & EcDis 47% 4th grade all 46% & EcDis 47%

Goal #2 - By June 2015, 90% of all students, will be on grade level in Math as measured by campus and state created assessments.

Progress Measures:

  • Campus-made common assessments - we are not on target at tracking data at this time.
  • BOY AIMsWeb M-Comp (correct responses) 3rd/4th only (target 90%) - 3rd all 65% 3rd EcDis 46% 4th grade all 59% 4th EcDis 50%
  • BOY CPAA Numeracy Kdg, 1st, 2nd only (target 100%) - Kinder 82%, 1st 67%, 2nd 84%
  • BOY CPAA Operations Kdg, 1st, 2nd only (target 100%) - Kinder 94%, 1st - 78%, 2nd - 79%
  • STAAR Math (all students & EcDis students)- Our target is 90%. Data posted after STAAR testing

Goal #3 - By June 2015, teachers will be able to identify and implement differentiation practices from the curriculum framework in 100% of the core courses as measured by lesson plans, walkthroughs, showcased lesson in faculty meetings and/or newsletters.

Progress Measures:

  • Lesson plans (our target is 100%)- not on target for tracking this data at this time
  • Walkthroughs (K-4 & Co-curr only) - of the 14 total walkthroughs completed at this time, powerful instructional strategies were observed 69% of the time. The target is 100%.
  • Showcased lessons in newsletters (K-4 & Co-curr only) - 0% - not on target for tracking this data at this time.

Razzle Dazzle Hat Day - Thursday, February 5

Thursday, February 5 is Razzle Dazzle Hat Day! Students are invited to celebrate their love of writing by decorating or making a hat with a descriptive word and decorations to represent that word and then wearing it to school on Thursday during the school day. Students who wear their hat for the PTA meeting Thursday night will receive a FREE Spirit Stick from KHES PTA. The word on the hat in this picture is DELICIOUS. Look for more information in your grade level newsletter in the coming weeks.
Big image

Storybook Character Parade - Friday, February 6

We will have our Character parade begin right after announcements. We will share the parade route soon. The end of the parade route for all students will be in the cafe.

The assembly with guest author, Michael Sterns (www.grasshopperdreams.com) will begin at approximately 8:30 for all grade levels. Students will sit on the floor in the café. He will meet with the whole group for about 45 minutes. K, 1 & 2 will then be dismissed so our 3rd & 4th graders have an opportunity to interact with him on a more personal level regarding writing and illustrating. This should last an additional 15 minutes. The whole assembly should be done by 9:45.

Casey's Kids Online Auction

KHES is excited to host a district wide online Auction for Casey’s Kids this year. The Auction is scheduled to run from Feb. 9th – 13th. All proceeds will benefit Casey’s Kids. Some of the exciting items we have up for auction include: Family 4 pack to Schlitterbauhn Water Park, family 4 pack to Disney California, Silpada jewelry and much more! We will have the online auction link added to KHES main webpage and also on the Keller ISD main page in the next few weeks. Mark your calendars; you won’t want to miss this!

The Keller ISD Film Festival is back and looking for student filmmakers to show off their creative talents behind and in front of the camera.

The festival is an opportunity for students to develop their visual literacy and expand their educational experience in Keller ISD by fostering the creativity, artistic, communication and technical skills required for producing a movie. Students have seven entry categories to choose from including: Story, Comedy, Music Video, Documentary, PSA Plus, and Animation. Entries can be made anytime between January 5 - March 16.

Students have the chance to be honored at an Awards Ceremony on May 12, 2015, hosted at a new venue: the spectacular Alliance Cinemark XD Movie Theater. Students can win trophies, certificates, prizes, and more!

Also new this year is a category for Vine videos. Students are invited to produce an engaging and creative six-second video using nothing more than their smart device camera.

For more information on the Film Fest, including details on how to submit your entries, visit www.KellerISD.net/Film

Need your 6 hour GT Update?? A Message from Gayle Barron...

First, you can be an appraiser for Destination Imagination. The training is scheduled for the morning of Saturday, January 24th, but if you select Improv as your challenge to judge, I will be holding a training after school one day here in Keller. (I’m the Challenge Master for the Improv challenge.) Competition is Saturday, February 21st at Richland High School. Yes, this involves more than 6 actual hours to train and appraise, but it is by far the most fun option for obtaining GT updates, or your original GT hours in Creativity Strategies. Sign up at the website http://midcities.texasdi.org/ by next Tuesday to make sure you are included. Friends or spouses can join you. Free t-shirt, free breakfast and lunch, free fun day of entertainment watching children grades K-college compete in a technical, structural, theatrical or Improv challenge. Plus we are desperately short of appraisers, as Birdville ISD is not offering GT credit for their teachers this year. Keller and all other surrounding districts definitely do, though! I will send the process of obtaining GT credit to you after competition.

Another option is online GT update classes. This is a little tricky to locate. While it isn’t as fun, and you miss the interaction with others in a face to face GT session, you can obtain your 6-hour GT update online. Here’s how to access the classes:

Go to Project Share. You can find it on K-connect or K-cloud. Login is on the bottom of the left menu. Once you are logged in, click on the learning tab from the left menu – and then on courses. You can search for a GT class by just typing GT in the search window. The online classes that were created by Keller are there, and the instructor name will say Elaine Plybon.

KHES needs representatives! The Literacy Institute dates are set!

The 12 day Literacy Institute is designed to enhance authentic teaching in reading and writing using research based interactive activities. Participants will experience the Institute from a learner’s perspective as trainers share writing strategies to help teachers differentiate to meet the needs of their students.

This year you have two Institutes to choose from:

Summer I: May 14,19,21,28 and June 8-11, 15-18


Summer II: July 27-20, August 3-6, Sept. 23, 30, and Oct. 7, 14

Sessions are limited to 30 participants, so sign up early to reserve your spot. Completion of 12 days = 72 CPE hours, GT and Sheltered Instruction 6 hours mailto:Joanna.ratliff@kellerisd.net updates.

Contact for additional information: Joanna.ratliff@kellerisd.net

Save the Date for Keller University!

"Keller University" will take place July 20th through 23rd. The district is currently negotiating with nationally recognized leaders in education that are certain to empower and transform Keller ISD educators. Please add these dates to your calendar. Look for more information in the coming months. You and your team will not want to miss it!