$19 Million No Tax Increase Bond Issue & Levy Transfer

Ozark voters will see two questions from Ozark School District on the April 2022 ballot — a $19 million no tax increase bond issue to construct three storm shelters, and a 10 cent no tax increase levy transfer to help offset rising operating costs.

This week's update is all about Question 1 and the storm shelter that will be added to Tiger Paw Early Childhood, if approved. Stay tuned for future updates with details on the OMS and OHS storm shelters, or visit www.ozarktigers.org/bond.

The storm shelter at Tiger Paw would serve as a cafeteria

  • Currently there is not a cafeteria or commercial kitchen in the facility

  • Meals are delivered from East Elementary and eaten in the gymnasium

  • As we increase our enrollment, delivering meals is no longer feasible

  • The storm shelter would be located on the South end of Tiger Paw off of East Church Street with a capacity of 600

Breakfast & Lunch at Tiger Paw
Man, that was a lot of work! Did you know Tiger Paw doesn't have a kitchen or cafeteria? That means our amazing Nutrition Services workers prepare food at East Elementary and deliver it to Tiger Paw. That also means Tiger Paw staff spend time setting up and breaking down tables in the gym twice a day. As we increase our enrollment, delivering meals is no longer feasible. The $19 million no tax increase bond issue would allow the District to build a storm shelter at Tiger Paw, which would double as a cafeteria.

Safety continues to be a top priority for Ozark School District and the families of Ozark. Adding storm shelters at Tiger Paw, OMS and OHS would mean every school within the Ozark School District would have a storm shelter. This would not only address safety, but help us accommodate growth.

Bond Issue and Levy Transfer ... we know the two questions we have placed on the April 5 ballot are confusing. Here is an FAQ that might answer some of your questions.
Want to learn more about our $19 Million No Tax Increase Bond Issue & Levy Transfer? What about our long range plan? Find it all on our web page, www.ozarktigers.org/bond.

Email specific questions to ozarkcommunications@ozarktigers.org.

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Dr. Chris Bauman, superintendent, 1600 W. Jackson St., Ozark, MO 65721

This information is being provided to you by the Ozark School District so you can learn more about the proposed no tax increase bond issue. Regardless of whether you support the bond issue or not, we encourage you to vote.