the uperlands of Tierra Templada

enjoy the cool weather


here in The Pleasant Uplands: Tierra Templada we have a temperate climate and our average temperature is from 65°F to 75°F,with barley any frost its is great weather to explore and be out side

fun jobs

you may not think so but one of our funest jobs is gardening, gardeners are raising flowers, tending long rows of carnations, daisies, and roses. if your husband of wife gives you roses the are most likely from right here in Tierra Templada.

our nutrition

our farmers choose their crops based on elevation. At lower levels, they grow heat-loving crops, like bananas and oranges. Higher up, they grow corn, beans, and other vegetables. They also grow flowers for export. However, the main commercial crop of the tierra templada is coffee because the conditions here are ideal for growing high-quality coffee beans.

our clothing

we usually wear light clothing during the warmer times of the day, but we switch to warmer clothing for the cool mornings and evenings.


we who live in the tierra templada have adapted their housing and dress to the comfortable climate. They live in solid homes made of concrete brick or plaster and covered with tile roofs. More well-off residents may live on large estates called haciendas.


our activities usually contain gardening and sightseeing