Camp Life

Camp life affected the prisoners in many different ways. For families it would be really bad because most of the time they would start to not care about them, they would see them in a different way. Some kids might even get power and beat there parents. Also with the relationships with others they just wouldn't care they would become majorly selfish. They would see thousands of people die everyday and not care. When before the camps they were more worried about getting separated from there parents and now they are mad at them or just don't care about them.
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Themes (in book)

Family - How treated each other

Faith - Faith in God

Relationships - With other people

What Does This Reveal About Human Beings?

The Holocaust shows that humans do have lots of problems with being racist, and treating other people that aren't are race or skin color very badly. History just not the Holocaust shows that we have a lot of problems that we need to fix and that even if we aren't same color or race we can still get along.

Not only that but it is weird how when something like that happens that someone can take over you they can change the way you think and make you into a completely different person.