In the BRAVE project, the unemployed adults participating to the activities in each partner country are the core of the project, thus it is important to recap the main features of this target group that is made by:

- people that don’t have a job at the moment but willing to learn and to improve their situation

- adult people (over 25 years old)

- people that don’t need any certificate provided by public institutions certifying that they are in an unemployed condition

- at least 10 people in each country, out of that 5 people will travel

These persons will be engaged in transnational activities but also in local meetings and learning activities through the BRAVE local groups, so it is important that each partner organization identifies at least 2 persons belonging to its normal staff that will follow the BRAVE local group as mentors/coach, organizing some meetings, learning activities, testing of the innovative methodologies.

The first occasion to meet some representatives of the BRAVE local groups and some of the partners’ mentors will be the workshops to be set up in Valencia (ES), Bucharest (RO), Modena (IT).

Valencia meeting explanation

First day

The first workshop will be organized in VALENCIA on the 5-6 February. The first day (1pm – 6pm) will be aimed at reminding the O1 and O4 main goals, making a recap of target group’s and staff persons’ main characteristics. Later, all the partner organizations (Prime Holland, InEuropa and Zenit Formazione, SIF, FYG) will present the tools and methodologies that they know and usually apply in their teaching and training activities: these tools will be used at the local level to integrate the tools that will be transferred to the staff by Daniel Weiss, such as Lego training. During this first workshop, those tools will be aimed at investigating who are our “clients” – know yourselves and to discover their personal potentials.

No PowerPoint presentations are needed, only practical and concrete demonstrations of the methodologies!

Then, the morning session of day 2 will be decided – what each partner staff will do during the 2nd day training and the questions for evaluation (Mentimiter) for the next day.

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Second Day

In the following day (9am – 4 pm), the training tools decided the day before will be directly tested with the 5 Spanish unemployed people. In the afternoon, feedbacks will be collected, what worked and what didn’t work will be analysed and what’s next – each partner will describe how will manage the mentoring of BRAVE local groups.

Everything should be video-recorded, also in view of the final MOOCs to be delivered so it is important that the participants give their consensus and that the hosting partner arrange the video and photo recording of the event.

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This flyer has been produced by InEuropa and Primeholland as a result of the preparatory meeting carried out in Modena on 24-25/1/2018