Mice and Men

Mr Bennett Book Review #1


This books begins with two characters named George and Lenny; Lenny is a very large male with mild retardation who likes to pet animals and George is a very small rigid man with an attitude. After they set up camp because they were looking for work when Lenny forgets were their going and asked George where their were going. George being frustrated because he told Lenny like eight times already reached in lenny's pocket to get their work cards and found a dead mouse, in which George asked him to hand over. He threw it across the river. When the next day came they finally came across the ranch where they cam across their boss. When George and lenny were talking to the boss he was introduced to his son curly and wife candy. After they were done saying hello's he started asking lenny questions but George was doing all the talking cause he didn't want lenny to talk; but George was able to vouch for him and they both got the job. After their conversation their were introduced to two characters named Slim and Carson and slim's dog just had puppies. After George left lenny asked slim can he have one of the puppies and kept it in the barn where nobody can get him. After a couple of days passed George noticed that curly was starting to pick on lenny because curly doesn't like big guys, so George says if he starts messing with him to knock his block off. So being on the farm for awhile curly finally snapped on lenny and stating fighting him and lenny being scared let him do it, hoping that George will help. So lenny after taking a beating for like 3 seconds broke curl's hand. After he broke curly hand they all agreed to say that he broke it in the machine. After the boys went into town lenny went to crooks cabin and they start chatting it up about the farm and crooks wants in but curly wife walks in and they dropped the conversation and everyone leaves because everyone is back. When lenny goes to check on the puppy that he killed with his strong hands curly's wife walks in and offers him to touch her hair and does it to hard and breaks her neck and so lenny runs and hides beside the river bank. After curly finds the body they all go looking for lenny even George in which it seals lenny fate because George shot him in the head.

Down in the Dumps

The problem

The author waited to the end of the book to kill lenny because it was building up to it.

My solution to saving lenny

When George found lenny first he should've just left with lenny to work elsewhere