The Diary of Anne Frank

Albert Dussel

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Bio of Albert Dussel

Before the annex, Dussel was a dentist in Berlin. He married Vera Bythiner in 1922. They had one son named Werner. Dussel and Bythiner got into a divorce in 1933 and Dussel gave custody of Werner. Dussel then met Charlotte Kaletta, who was also divorced with a son. Due to new laws, Jews and non- Jews couldn't get married and Charlotte. Dussel was Meip Gies dentist and it became clear that Nazi- occupied Holland wasn't safe. So Dussel asked Meip if she new if there were any hiding places and so on Nov. 16th, 1942, Dussel moved into the annex.

You Need to Have a Lot of Courage During Hard Times.

One theme in The Diary of Anne Frank is “you need to have a lot of courage during hard times.” There are lots of reasons why this is a theme of the story. One reason is Miep took the risk of being killed by hiding Jews and Germans would get in life threatening trouble if they are caught (371). Another reason is Anne is too loud in the house and she can't make any sort of noise during work hours or workers will find out that there are Jews in the annex and the whole family could get killed (381). A third reason is that Anne's family is hiding and when they were in the process of moving, they had to hide all their luggage under their coats and they could have accidentally dropped their luggage and be caught, or other people could be suspicious about what they were doing.

Friends and Family Will Always Be Around

Another theme of The Diary of Anne Frank is “Friends and Family Will Always Be Around. There are many reasons why this can be a theme. One reason is when Anne stormed off into the room, Peter saw the cake that she didn't eat and so he brought it to her (426). A second reason is Meip brought everyone a cake so they could have something nice to eat instead of potatoes and bread. Also, Meip used the last of her ingredients to make the cake (412). A third reason is Anne's mother came into her room to comfort Anne after the nightmare but Anne rejected her mom's care for her (416).
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Time Bomb

A character from the story I would give a symbol would be Dussel. The symbol I would give him would be a time bomb. Dussel had a hot temper and he would get mad a lot. One example of that is when Anne was having the nightmare Dussel was complaining on how loud she was being but she was only having a dream. Another example is when Peter accidentally fell, Dussel of course got upset and was saying that Peter was going to get them in trouble.