1E Newsletter: Week of November 14

What's going on in first grade!

This Week...

Sunday: World Language, Library

Monday: MSArabic/Explore Time, PE, Music

Tuesday: Art, Guest Reader-anyone want to come read to us?? :)

Wednesday: PE, World Language, IT

Thursday: Art, Music

IMPORTANT: New Dismissal Procedure

Starting Sunday Lower Elementary Students will be dismissed from the round portion of the elementary cafeteria. Please look for your child classroom teacher and stand clear of the door ways so that students will be able to enter safely and quickly. Upper Elementary students will be dismissed outside of the cafeteria in the tree court yard. We ask that parents continue to walk around the outside of the buildings to get to the cafeteria.

Home Reading this Week

Students are bringing home a Science Book to read tonight to tie-in with what we're doing with Earth Materials. They can also read their library books or RAZ Kids. We will send home leveled readers in the next few days :)

Our Online Class Docs and Pics

Remember to check out of Online Class Documents and Pics on Google Drive. The link is: www.tinyurl.com/acarroll1e. To view the items, login using your child's school Gmail and the password that in your Green Folder (it's 6-digits of random numbers). Please do not change this password. The login is: 27(first initial)(last name)@asd.edu.qa. Ex: 27acarroll@asd.edu.qa. This will give you access to the class photos, the word study sorts each week, subject parent letters, the Guest Reader Sign-Up sheet, etc. There's a lot of good info in this folder :)

Elementary Library Relocation

The Elementary Library will be moving temporarily to the rectangular portion of the Elementary School Cafeteria. Students will be able to check out double the amount of books for the next week and library classes will be held in students classrooms during this transition.The library will be operating on a smaller scale for the remainder of the school year. We thank you for your patience and understanding while our brand new library is being built.

Home Folders and Sign-and-Return Items

Thank you for taking a look at the work the letters that come home in the Home Folders on Thursdays. Please remember to sign and return anything in the "Sign and Return to School" pocket of the folder. Also, anything that comes home on yellow paper is some sort of an assessment or check-in that needs to be signed and returned to school.


This week we are investigating soil:

  • What is soil made of
  • Observing soil
  • Science Lab: soil experiment

Service Learning: Caring for Plants

We planted basil seeds last week and are tying in the ASD Values to caring for plants. We are observing how the plants grow and also being responsible to take care of the plants. We hope to use the basil we grow in our Stone Soup for Thanksgiving. The kids are very excited to be growing and taking care of our plants.