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New Sign Up Procedures for ICarts and 3rd Floor Computer Lab

In an effort to support flexibility, Paws the Library Cat has implemented a new procedure for reserving the ICarts and the 3rd floor computer lab. Reservations can now be made online! Gone are the days when you have to walk to the media center or lab to sign up. Now, you can sign up from anywhere! As we implement this new procedure, please be patient with Paws and the Library Ladies as we work out all the "kinks". Please be mindful of your colleagues when signing up. We have a limited number of devices to share among numerous classrooms. Thank you for your consideration and help!

How do I sign up online?

Simply go to the City Park SharePoint Site (click the link) and look on the left side for the section called Sign Ups. Click either 3rd Floor Computer Lab or I-Cart Sign Up. These links will take you to a calendar where you can make your online reservations.

Some Pics to Help You Out

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my online reservation? Yes!

Why do I need a username and password? We are using an offsite company.

Can the Library Ladies retrieve my username and password? No! Write it down.

Can I see all my reservations? Yes!

Can I see who has the lab or carts reserved? Yes!

City Park Media Center

Paws and his Library Ladies are here to help. If you need assistance with the new procedures please contact us in the media center.