Amazing April!

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Let's Celebrate!

April is here and we have so much to celebrate! To begin, I'd like to welcome Ashley Ford to our team. Ashley - you are going to LOVE being a part of this incredible business. Welcome aboard!

Kudos to YOU! Way to go, ladies, on QUALIFYING in March:
Melany Aylor

Michelle Baker

Valerie Buher

Amanda Ernst

Brianne Saelens

Michele Grise

Rachel Meese

Jennifer Weiss

Did you know April is our second biggest pay out month of the ENTIRE year?? That alone is reason to jump for joy, but here are the other exciting things happening with S&D this month...

Fill up your trunk show calendar!

Don't let April pass you by without having at least ONE trunk show on the books! Our summer line is receiving rave reviews and pieces have already been featured in several magazines. Use this to your advantage - reach out to find debut hostesses or even host a show of your own! It's never too late to book up your calendar!

If you need help with booking or sponsoring, CALL ME! I am always here to help.

Here's to an awesome April!!