Week 8 and feeling great!

Are you ready?

Looking back and springing forward.

Deep breath... All together now! 1 - 2 - 3... Breathe!

Be proud of yourselves. We covered... well, we covered a lot within 8 short weeks.

Starting, several began with no or little insights into literary theory. The topic seemed foreboding, a looming shadow, as deep as the ocean - and an unnecessary facet of a personal experience.

This class, however, was not afraid to delve into the layers. Starting with Formalism, we discovered meaning in form - which caused us to strip away our personal insights and takes to reading - a difficult task.

From there, we traversed across the post structuralism troll bridge. Tweaking the nose of Cultural Studies, we dined with Freud, spent an insightful evening with Marx, and eventually gained ground on post-colonialism to end our tour.
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Even more than that...

Critical thinking, in the guise of analysis and evaluation of the texts and discussion boards, united the class as we found hidden meaning in character actions and the authors' sometimes unintentional meaning.

In reflection, as writers - we may develop associations and recognize unknown portions of ourselves reflected in others.
= As future educators, we can understand the themes, connect them to society, and learn what helps learners - learn!

In all cases, the causality of humanity, society, and ourselves is established to create a new, exciting future.