My Future

Dimitrie Pyatt

My College Choice

I want to go to the University of Virginia, I wanted a college close to home and this university is in Charlottesville. I'm going to go here for art because i'm mostly an art major.
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Requirements, Deadlines, and Fees

The application requires that you have taken either an SAT or ACT, these are also used to determine your placement. You must have taken 4 years of both English, and Math, 2 years of foreign language science and 1 year of Social Studies. There's no required GPA, but it's best if i have a 3.0 GPA or higher. Also its best to have a SAT score of 600 or higher for a better chance of getting in. Since I plan on staying home instead of also gaining the cost of living off or on campus, I'll have to pay at least $22,874. Deadlines of Applications are usually January 1st.

Department, Degree, and Statistics of Job placement

I'll be going in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts getting a bachelor's degree. Statistics of job placement out of this major and into being a Multimedia artist or Animator is 40% or higher due to increasing demand for more visual arts in video games, movies, etc.
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My Job after college

I am going to be a Multimedia Artist or Animator, and i can do so after getting my bachelor's degree in Visual Arts. They make an estimate of $61,200 on a yearly salary, they make about $29.50 per hour. Its not unusual to work 50 hour weeks, but when deadlines come some employers work nights and weekends, but they normally work a normal set of work hours.