Mark Cuban

By, Jacob Chaleff and Hunter Dodson

  • Mark Cuban was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania on July 31, 1958.
  • He graduated from Indiana University with a degree in business in 1981.
  • While he was in college he needed money for college life, so in order to make money he started giving dance lessons.
  • After college he moved to Dallas Texas. Soon he created a computer consulting business called Micro Solutions. He sold it to CompuServe in 1999, this made him a millionaire.
  • Later he found a business partner named Todd Wagner, together they made a website which later became
  • They sold their website to in 1999 for 6 billion dollars.
  • In January 14, 2000 Mark Cuban bought the NBA basketball team the Dallas Mavericks for $285 million. In 2006 he led them to the NBA finals.
  • Today Mark Cuban's net worth is $2.70 billion U.S.
  • He is also on the TV show Shark Tank on ABC, Shark Tank is when people pitch their ideas to famous entrepreneurs in hope that they will invest in their product or service.
  • Growing up his dad, Norton Cuban spent nearly half a century working on a car, since he worked with auto mobiles.
  • Brian Cuban, Marks brother, is a lawyer, and his other brother, Jeff Cuban is the president HDNet, a cable television program.
  • Tiffany Stewart , Marks wife used to worked as an advertising executive.
  • They have three children, a daughter named Alexis Sophia, another daughter named Alyssa and a their third child Jake who was just born in 2010.
  • Mark Cuban was born into a Jewish family.
  • One of the latest things that mark Cuban invested in on shark tank was Misto Box Coffee club.