Running on Empty

A Story Describing The Struggles Of Ethan Palmer

A Quick Overview of my Theme

  • The theme that I have be exploring is " actions have consequences"!
  • This theme relates to people of all ages.
  • Ethan Palmer's actions and consequences .
  • Evan Treborn changes past which affects the present
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Running on Empty

  • Running on Empty is insightful novel written by Don Aker a Canadian author from Nova Scotia who has won numerous awards for his best selling novels including the First Stone,The Fifth Rule,Running on Empty.
  • Ethan's Journey
  • The protagonist is Ethan Palmer.
  • The Antagonist is Link Hornsby.
  • What happens in the story.
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The Butterfly Effect

changes past which drastically affects present

Movie summary

How it relates to my theme

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Carrie Mac

Carrie Mac is an award winning author who currently lives in Vancouver.

Carrie Mac is the author of the book The Opposite of Tidy

Junnie's lies start piling up

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Literary Questions

This book will keep reluctant readers at the edge of there seats.I loved reading this book.

The characters had such unique and detailed backstories.

This book shows the world through the perspective of a struggling teenager

This book shows the thin line between passion and addiction

Overall this book was an informative and amazing read and I would recommend this book.