all about me

“Nobody important? Blimey, that’s amazing.

My self Awareness

  • my interest are math, science, computer programing, building stuff.
  • my skills are math, science building stuff, and logic.
  • My vallues are enthuiastic, careing, always seem busy (even when I am not).
  • My self esteem is high.
  • learn with visuals
  • work well with others.

My career as a computer research scientist

  • it pays $100,660.000
  • They usuly work for the goverment.
  • expected to grow 19% in the next year.
  • This job is in the stem clustor.
  • work full time very flexable.
  • most are isolated.
  • I get to do 2 things I like. one is working with computers and math porblems.

my goal seting section

  • The college i might want to attend is apu
  • My college is on the web.
  • the degrees are a masters in online assocaite of science
  • The cost is $15,500.00