Lets Explore Africa

4 Great places to go

Lake Victoria

This Lake is the main reservoir of the nile river.The lake lies mostly in Uganda and Tanzania.The region that it lies in is the most populated.The majority of the people speak bantu. A fresh water lake with loads of fish. You can fish the lake for tilapia and Nile perch.

The Kalahari Desert

An arid plateau region that spans 3 countries.Covers 100,000 square miles. Covered in reddish sand. Lies between the orange and Zambezi rivers and is doted with dry lake beds.Grass grows in the rainy season. you can go on safaris to experience the local nature.

Niger river

2,600 miles long, rises on the fouta djallon plateau in south west Guinea.Through the republic of Niger,and into Nigeria. Flows south into the gulf of Guinea.The zoo is a great place to see the local wild life.

The Ethiopian Highlands

These Highlands are located on the northwestern. The early volcanic origin of the sudan lowlands.The mountains and plateaus are cut by deep valleys.The nile runs from lake tana through the center of the plateau.You can hike theses highlands.