Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear Fusion can be used as an energy source

May 10, 2016

My name is Jada Gailliard, and I have recently discovered that nuclear fusion can be used as an energy source. Nuclear fusion powers he sun, as the energy that the sun produces in done by nuclear fusion. Fusion is about joining nuclei together. This is significantly different from nuclear fission because fission is electricity generated and is about breaking nuclei apart.

Even though this is a great energy source, it can have some downsides. Because nuclear fusion directly connects to the sun, it has high levels of radiation. This can become a problem as waste can be radioactive for may years.

Despite the possible problems arising, nuclear fusion is great to use as an energy source. There will be no uncontrollable energy being released, and it is possible to stop the reactor at any time. Nuclear fusion being used as energy will solve problems associated with energy sources and increase energy rates. Overall, it will create a world without energy limitations in the future, and better the lives of people worldwide.