The Invention Of Coca-Cola

Learn about the invention of Coca-Cola

Necessity (Why was this needed?)

John Pemberton was in pain and he needed to find a pain medicine that wasn't addictive. People bought Coca-Cola because they thought it tasted really good.

immediate impact of Necessity

After experimenting with the Coca cola formula Pemberton ended up with a syrup and diluted it with water and cooled it with ice cubes. Coca cola was invented. This made his pain better.

Technology (What helped make Coca-Cola become possible and popular?)

Carbonated water, flavorings like Strawberry flavoring, Lemon flavoring, Ginger flavoring or chocolate flavoring etc. and The Soda Fountain.

Immediate or Future Impact

The Soda Fountain wasn't just a place to drink Coca-Cola, it was a place where you can go and hang out with friends.

Opportunity (what made this invention succeed?)

Because it has such a addictive and bubbly taste. Also, because they offered gimmicks with each Coca-Cola the gimmick being a mini yo-yo.

Immediate impact of opportunity

When you buy a Coca-Cola you also get a mini yo-yo. The company is trying to persuade you to buy their product.

Guaranteed to give flavor to your taste buds 😃

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