Ice Hockey

By Jayden Fine , William Carter, and Jimmy Kha

Ice Hockey:

Ice hockey is a team sport played on ice. Hockey players use sticks to hit hockey pucks into a net to score a point. Ice hockey requires stability on the ice and good control of your skates on the ice. The final thing you need is to be able to take from opposing players, because they will attack you to obtain the puck.

Stick and ball games have been around since the Pre-Christian (B.C

  • Hockey started in Europe, created with the idea of multiple sports, like Shinty

    • Ice hockey, by itself, has been in America since 1859

  • The name, Hockey was mentioned in England in 1363

  • The first version of Ice Hockey was created in the low countries, it was called IJscolf

  • A similar game called knattleikr had been played by the Vikings for more than a thousand years