Iconic Iron

Given by God made by man

Iron is now mass producible.

Before this new process, iron couldn't have ever been mass producible. Thanks to Henry Cort the inventor of the Puddling Process. We can now create iron specifically wrought iron at a faster and more efficient way. Pig iron is put into a reverberating furnace which separates the carbon out of the pig iron creating a new purified and stronger iron. Before Puddling Process, making iron took years of skill and knowledge to make a fraction of what this new process can do. Now iron could be made in factories and less skilled workers were accepted into the job thus saving money for factory owners.
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Now for 100$ a year you can use the puddling process. This process as been shown to quadruple the iron made in factories.

How to Contact us

Our main HQ are located in Manchester England the home land of Henry Cort. We talk in person, by mail or by telegram. Buying our contracts for using our process are easier and lower than ever. Only 100$ each year for use of the process. Each years money must be paid fully at the start of each year when the contract was created. No instillation of the reverberating furnace.

"The puddling process makes it easier and cheaper than ever to make iron"(Richard Arkwright)